The company

The founder: Hartmut Michels

  • Study of electrical engineering with the focus on automation technology/technical cybernetics at the Technical University of Leipzig
  • 25 years of specialist and management experience in the mechanical and electrical engineering industry, including 20 years with Germany’s leading company for the billing of utility costs and the manufacture of metering devices for consumption recording
  • Extensive experience in the housing services sector, e.g. in the introduction of remote meter-reading system solutions
  • Many years of responsibility in various management positions with a clear focus on markets and customers and the establishment of international sales companies (Turkey, France, Russia, Italy)
  • Marketing and product management responsibility for private equity companies, management and overall responsibility with power of attorney
  • Extensive experience in project management, up to the management of complex group projects
  • Since 2010 a member of MeasureNet e.V. (industry association of medium-sized metering service companies)
  • Elected to the board of MeasureNet e.V. in 2015
  • Lobbying experience through participation in committees and commissions, e.g. the energy commission of the BVMW, the OMS-Group AG5 marketing as an open communication standard for consumption recording devices.

The services

Extensive experience acquired in a range of industries and a well-equipped methodological toolbox provide a solid basis for identifying and solving problems together with you. standata supports you with the following range of services, and we are also happy to assume responsibility for their implementation, so that we can demonstrate how our consultancy works in practice.

Management consultancy
  • Business strategy
  • Product strategy
  • Marketing and sales strategies
  • Innovation management
Project management
  • Project leadership
  • Sub-project management
  • Specialist project cooperation
Coaching and interim management

Coaching of specialists and executives in marketing, product management, project management and sales. Assumption of interim responsibility in marketing, product management and sales operations.

The network

standata has an extensive network specialising in expert solutions for the challenges facing companies and organisations. If required, we can quickly draw on the expertise of our partners.

Jochen Klinger Consulting

Management consulting

Günter Fischer Consulting

Management consulting

Global Team Spirit Klaus Münch

Management consulting

Bergmann und Partner

Marketing & advertising

Wengel und Hipp

Organisational development and coaching


Market research


HR consulting


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